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This publication is the best key to the dynamic and upwardly mobile Polish-speaking community in Ontario and other major cities in Canada.

Gazeta Gazeta is published three times per week in Southern Ontario, including a special weekend edition. Gazeta's National Edition, which is printed weekly, reaches Montreal in the east, Windsor in the south and Vancouver in the west.

Gazeta Gazeta is published in Polish, but we have heard on many occasions that unfortunately, it is not accessible to those who are interested in Poland, but do not speak Polish. These are second or third generation Poles in various countries, our non-Polish friends, spouses and their families, who would like to learn more about our fascinating country of origin.

And this is how we came up with the idea of It provides links to Internet news and articles written in English about Poland. It will also be a fascinating insight for English speaking Poles into the way Poland is presented in world’s media.


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